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Welcome to the official website for my sister, Sharon Tate.
You may know Sharon from such films as Valley of the Dolls, Wrecking Crew, and Don't Make Waves.

Sadly, you may also know her as a victim of the infamous "Manson Family". In August of 1969, my sister, Sharon, at age 26, was married to prominent movie director, Roman Polanski, and expecting their first child. Sharon was eight and a half months pregnant. My younger sister Patti and I were ecstatic at the thought of becoming aunts for the first time. My mother and father were anxiously awaiting this child as well, it would've been their first grandchild. It was not to be.

The Manson "family" murderers entered the grounds of my sister's home and murdered five people that fateful night; Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Voyteck Frykowski and my sister, Sharon Tate. Since then, my family and I have seen my sister's name linked to that of madness and evil.

This purpose of this site is to celebrate Sharon's life.

I know that Sharon has many well meaning and respectful fans that are interested in her life. I hope that this website can answer some of the questions that you have about her. Please read her biography and view the beautiful photographs that she left behind. Lastly, you can see what Sharon's friends have to say about her, here. Thank you for visiting Sharon's site, and thank you for being respectful to her memory.