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Tony Curtis: Sharon and I worked together and were good friends and she will always be missed. I support Sharon Tate for a star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame."

Celeste Yarnall:
"Sharon and I were friends and took acting classes together. I used to show her headshot and say she was my sister and Sharon would do the same. Sharon was a wonderful person and talented actress. I support Sharon for a star on Hollywood Boulevard!"

Hal Gefsky: Sharon Tate was a open, honest, smart and straightforward person. One of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life, in all ways. I can't emphasize how beautiful she was - inside and out. Sharon was well educated and impressed people with her honesty. She had the greatest attributes a person can have. Sharon never changed from the time she arrived in Hollywood until the day she left us. Sharon was under contract to me from the first picture she made until her last. Sharon worked very hard, she studied her acting to excel as an actress and she did. Her film performances that she left us and the entertainment that they have brought and continue to bring merit Sharon Tate to receive a star on Hollywood Boulevard and I support her all the way!

(Hal Gefsky was Sharon's agent. The following comments are from an interview Hal did for E! THS - The Last Days of Sharon Tate)

She was very honest. Of course, she was knock out beautiful. And she was really down to earth and nice to everybody. You couldn't help but be impressed. I thought she would do great. She'd come home with a stack of cards from all the guys in town.

Michael Sarne: "Sharon was a luminous beauty, kind, gentle and a wonderful friend to all who were privileged to know her. She brought out the best in others and was a human being of extraordinary worth. Her memory is always fresh in my mind."

Max Baer, Jr.:
"When I first met Sharon on the set of The Beverly Hillbillies, I thought she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. Sharon was terrific and I support her for a star on Hollywood Boulevard."

Larry Geller: "I worked with Jay Sebring at his salon and I met Sharon Tate through him at Nate and Al's in Beverly Hills. I found Sharon a very beautiful, charming woman who was so sweet and talented. I support Sharon Tate for a star on Hollywood Boulevard!"

Barbara Leigh: I met Sharon at her Cielo home. Jay Sebring took me there to a couple of parties. Sharon was always gracious, very beautiful and very pregnant when I met her. I can see it all in my mind's eye. Sharon was very nice to me and very secure with herself. Sharon was a talented actress and I support Sharon for a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Joey Bishop: I wholeheartedly recommend Sharon Tate for a star on the boulevard. While we are at it, I wholeheartedly recommend Sharon for a star as a human being.

Ingrid Pitt: Roman was away somewhere and I stayed for about a week with Sharon. She had a touch of claustrophobia and hated shutting doors. Even in hotels. She was a lovely lady. I remember exactly when that photograph was taken. We had been invited to a charity in, I think, Fresno. It was pretty boring so we decided to leave and called a hired car to take us to the airport. Naturally the act of somebody doing something as exciting as phoning for a cab could not be passed up by the paparrazzi so......

Interview of Ingrid Pitt by Chris Simmons on 7/13/00

Barbara Parkins: "She was so sweet, so kind, she was talented, too. Taken before her time."

(Barbara was maid of honor at Sharon's wedding to Roman Polanski.)
From this interview for E!


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