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A Rose for Sharon

Hello- I am a member of the mailing list for a long time, and I had meant to send you this particular email since May, but was unable to get myself to do so, until now, when I just read your newsletter. I'll let this story just stay as it. I thought of posting it to the guestbook, but I'll leave it for you to decide. Enclosed is the photo I took that day. --John


In late April I happened to be in Culver City, California. I had wanted to visit Sharon's grave on past trips to California, but had been unable to bring myself to do it. It was however an absolutely beautiful spring afternoon, the kind you can only have in Southern California.

It is really is a beautiful and peaceful spot, in a little grotto next to a statue on the side of a fairly steep hill. Normally the grave has flowers and/or a flag on it, and it is easy to find.

However, that day- the grave was clear, and no one was in that part of the cemetery. There was one other person in the cemetery that I saw - an old man, who worked for the place and apparently was in charge of putting new flowers on and taking old flowers off.

He had a pot of new flowers in front of him, and I went to ask him for one-but before I could say anything he handed me a red rose.

I went back and put it on the grave, took the pictures, stopped for a moment, tried not to be overwhelmed, and walked back to my car. I could see the red of the flower from the distance over the crest of the hill.

I went back to thank the old man, but he, and his flowers, were gone.

You are right that we are best to celebrate her life, rather than contemplate and even wallow in her loss.

Her spirit is at peace, and she continues to make the world a better place.

Thanks for all you do with your site.
John Bennett

Posted on August 7, 2003

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